Rodney H. Dixon
International Business Strategist

Rodney H. Dixon is the creator of the SLRD Network. Mr. Dixon is an International Business Strategist that has maintained strategic business relationships with prominent businessmen from the Middle East for over 25 years.

Mr. Dixon's unique experiences serve in his ability to discover innovative solutions for East and West business contract opportunities. Mr. Dixon has a vision for harmonious East and West relationships through shared common interests of the youth. Mr. Dixon is personally dedicated to youth enrichment programs and sports.

Additionally, Mr. Dixon has a fascination with Sports Cars. Mr. Dixon's friendship with Sheikh Ahmed Bin Qassim Al Thani of the Qatar Royal Family is legendary in areas such as Qatar, Dubai, and London. Mr. Dixon is always an honored guest of the Sheikhs upon arrival. Mr. Dixon prefers to fly Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways. His hotel of choice is The Dorchester, Ritz Carton and The Marriott.

Rodney Dixon